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Stepstone is a technology company that connects employers and candidates, and has won multiple awards for ‘Best Recruitment Portals’. Our team is a group of nearly 300 professional, ambitious and creative developers, developing IT products in 130 countries around the world.

Everything we do is one goal

We build teams where we develop talents and let them ‘grow’. We offer attractive salaries and ambitious challenges, while rewarding exceptional skills. We invest in development and encourage employees to take initiatives and challenges so that they can fully realize themselves.

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Events and integration meetings

Events and integration meetings



We focuson growth

We focus
on growth



Hackathonsand knowledge sharing

and knowledge sharing

Everything we do is one goal

We combine experience in the field of e-recruiting around the world. We believe that our associates are trustworthy and open to working with experienced managers on large projects. We don’t improvise. We are transparent and open to new ideas, resulting in the best ideas and above-average results.

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StepStone is a recruitment platform for clients and prospective employees

We want to make everyone happy: our employees, job-seeking candidates and customers, offering the absolute best results. Then everyone is happy: our employees or candidates as well as our customers, and our shareholders. Our values like caring for employees, partners and amazing results are close to you? Join us! And may the POWER be with you!

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In StepStone I work the way I like. And the company is fine with it :)


At StepStone, I really appreciate the friendly atmosphere among the employees and the unlimited opportunities for development. It is here that I learned advanced tools for web analytics and automatic website testing. The company's openness to technological innovations makes me very happy, because while working - I learn the best IT solutions available on the market.


StepStone is international teams of professionals, and really great people! Thanks to my work I have learned a lot, I develop myself every day and most importantly, I polish my language skills. I am really happy to work here!


As a Data Scientist, what I appreciate most is that my superiors give me a lot of freedom within the projects I work on.


A few years ago StepStone tempted me with an offer to work on Big Data technologies. It was a chance to combine my IT skills and improve my soft skills. Today it's a pleasure to wake up in the morning and go to work. It was never like that before :)


I have been working at StepStone since 2011. Relationships based on mutual trust, both with my direct supervisor and my own team, as well as independence, are on top here. Excellent working conditions and many wonderful people around the world make the atmosphere at StepStone simply extraordinary.

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